"Without kindness & honesty healthcare is rotten'' 

Dr Phil Hammond from his book 'Staying Alive'



This was 7/8 weeks after the initial GP interview at a time when my mental state was excellent. The remit of the IHTT is to respond within 4 hours. As they won't answer any questions on the matter,  it is reasonable to assume they are hiding something.

20th August, 1st class, one hour assessment appointment with  interested, kind, capable and sympathetic nurse Diane Jeffrey. Follow up on the 26th for blood test with another nurse which went perfectly. The reason for the test and results weren't revealed despite me asking team leader Nurse Hernon in some detail in a letter.

 In the interim, I had a DWP assessment  interview at ATOS with a highly, intelligent, capable, civilised and mentally sharp assessor, a doctor who told me she had worked in psychology and psychiatry.  I also had first class service at Specsavers .  There was a huge difference in quality  between the Specsavers staff and the IHTT.

The ATOS interview centred round long term serious issues in dealing with stress. I left work because I was ill with anxiety, stress related exhaustion.  I couldn't continue. I have been like this since infancy. My speech is sometimes very fast and I'm often anxious in stressful situations.  I was a chain smoker for much of my adult life. Giving up smoking caused me a lot of distress. I have been treated for psoriasis, a stress related condition since i was


9th September, 1st psychiatrist (Mark McAllister).  

The very last thing I expected to encounter was an cheeky, obnoxious man trying to wind me up by ridiculing everything I said. I told him I was a fragile person with no confidence. He targeted this by asking what I did and sneering at  literally every reply e.g.  'do you think you're any good at that, do other people'  ? In particular I told him I had created websites, one about (Guardian writer) George Monbiot , whom he hadn't heard of. My analysis of  Monbiot's anarcho primitivist ideology.

At one point he sneered 'do you think you are attractive to women ',  like a demented teenager. I had already told him I had no confidence with women. This phrase was repeated by four other members of the IHTT later. He must have passed it on. This was premeditated, orchestrated abuse.

Around this point he asked me whether I would be happy to take drugs. I replied “if I think you are a highly intelligent and capable individual, then perhaps, otherwise absolutely  not.  Minus sarcasm.   'Absolutely not'.

He then said that I appeared to be 'elated' 

This is what the word 'elated' means (medical dictionary). It doesn't mean anything else. Football supporters know what 'elated' means.

Elation - medical dictionary .

An emotional reaction characterized by euphoria, excitement, extreme joyfulness, optimism, and self-satisfaction. It is considered to be of pathologic origin when such a response does not realistically reflect a person's actual circumstances. Thus an elated mood may be characteristic of a manic state.

I'm sure he doesn't believe sitting in a room being insulted and demeaned by an arrogant, overbearing, little man would make anyone elated. It certainly didn't have that effect on me.

I was annoyed,  disgusted, wounded, appalled, contemptuous and mortified.  I was neither elated,  manic nor hypo-manic I studied psychology for a year at university, elation is a symptom of Bipolar disorder  I assumed it was a precursor to a deliberately false diagnosis of bipolar disorder in order to prescribe me drugs.   

I have quick (forced) speech. I had it when I went to infant's school. There are numerous references to stress related anxiety/distress in my medical records. I had to leave my honours physics class because I couldn't handle being in a lab with other people for thee hours.

Before he interviewed me, I had been given a blood test and never told why or the results, despite asking by letter.  I assume it was to prepare me to take anti psychotics for which it is required. I have asked for details of this blood test and it hasn't been forthcoming.

I made a complaint to the GMC about Mark McAllister  because, although I only spoke to him for 15 minutes. I spoke to a GP (Dr Pope)  in my practice that I had never met before, who knew him at university and who is a friend of his colleague. I referred to him in by far the nastiest and most unpleasant ways I have ever described anyone. She vigorously nodded in agreement at everything that was said. When I have spoken to others about him, their eyes bulge, their faces briefly express  horror and they go completely silent. No one defends him. I made a complaint to the GMC despite there being no witnesses so that he knows that he isn't fooling anyone and that people around him know hew has serious issues.


 A full account is on the page headed 'McAllister'.

10th. Nurse Kenneth Dock was a somewhat over confident man of around 30, Nurse2 was a woman in her twenties. They also used 'do you think you're attractive to women ' mantra,  in concert (together) again and again. I tried to make a joke of it, but the remained stony faced and kept repeating it.  The total absence of humanity was disturbing. The  psychiatrist's use of the word 'elated' arose. I said , I had been stressed by his abuse perhaps anxious.

Unbelievably, Nurse Dock used this as an excuse to prescribe Diazepam for anxiety as casually as polo mints.  That is the first time I had been offered a psychiatric drug (or been advised to take one).  

Royal College of Psychiatrists- aren't Benzodiazepines addictive?

Around 4 in every 10 people who take them every day for more than 6 weeks will become addicted

Those are incredibly poor odds for someone who had no anxiety at that time. I live in a short cul-de-sac of 15 houses. There are three or four people who appear to have worse anxiety than me.

The nurses asked me if I wanted to go to hospital and have them come to my home. I said 'no, absolutely not' !!!.  This was part of an ongoing campaign of  diminution and infantalisation

I tripped in the street carrying a heavy bag around two weeks before this. I have weak ankles from playing football. Three or four Paisley junkies helped me up. I would rather have any or all of those junkies in my house than these two. That is the literal truth. They were much higher quality people.

11th Nurse Dock and an older woman. The conversation centred around my refusal to see Dr McAllister the next day. Nurse Dock  was being far too aggressive. It was like some Mafia / Gestapo interrogation.  The subject of drugs arose and I told him about my (doctor) brother's speech to a hospital about the mis-prescription of drugs killing children. That was a clear warning to behave himself, that I was capable of making a serious complaint. He asked if I thought people were trying to kill me with drugs, insinuating I was suffering from psychotic delusions. That was despicable and  malevolent. Not even Nurse Dock is that stupid.

  He said  McAllister would come to my house if I didn't turn up next day. I countered that I would simply phone the police. I then realised that he's a psychiatrist and this could result in unpleasant situation with the police. I was both furious and traumatised.

He persisted in which is extreme risk taking behaviour. I agreed to see another psychiatrist.  In any other situation apart from psychiatry, I would have gone straight to the police.


Thursday 12th brief meeting with Nurse Dock and another male nurse . When I told him I had told a GP about his misbehaviour. He apologised but lied that he had only said McAllister might come to my house.

I met Nurse Jeffries and told her I was going to see Dr McAree. She said that she was nice. It turned out that McAree was an even more nastier and abusive than the previous 'doctor'. I record it because Alistair Kinniburgh's secretary said exactly the same thing. Another abuse technique.

Friday 13th. Interview with a Dr McAree and the male nurse from the previous day who again behaved in a very deliberate, mocking abusive way,. She offered to prescribe me an atypical anti psychotic, Olanzapine for anxiety. I had more or less no symptoms of anxiety at that time  apart from the annoyance and irritation caused by her obnoxious behaviour. She offered a large number of times, putting enormous pressure on me. Each time I refused.

This was a gross violation of Mind guidelines and paragraphs 46 and 47 of the GMC guide to good medical practice The major side effect of Olanzapine is sleepiness, the exact symptoms I presented with. I very clearly remember telling her that. Olanzapine has not been comprehensively tested against a placebo for anxiety (Wikipedia). Neither is it licensed for anxiety, either in the UK or USA.

Here is a very clear view on NBC News of off label prescribing from a U.S. Attorney.

Eli Lilly & Co. said Thursday it pleaded guilty to a charge that it illegally marketed the anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa ( Olanzapine) for an unapproved use, and will pay $1.42 billion to settle civil suits and end the criminal investigation.

Laurie Magid, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, said they hoped cases like this put an end to a pharmaceutical practice known as "off-label" marketing.

"The company made hundreds of millions of dollars by trying to convince health care providers that Zyprexa was safe for unapproved uses," Magid said, noting that they hold the drugmaker "responsible for putting thousands and thousands of patients at risk." She added that off-label marketing circumvents "the very process put in place to protect the public."

 In conjunction with a GP (actually her friend), I asked her to tell me what symptoms I had, what condition I had and various other things. My letter and her reply. I wrote that I had told her a number of times, giving her the chance to refute it.  She didn't and simply didn't answer the questions which I based on those from the Mind website.  In my view the letter reveals the abuse.

I asked her for .

"The condition you believe I have, the observed symptoms and the severity". In other words I was asking for a detailed diagnosis to prescribe a drug with severe side effects .

She replied

"I  believe that you have suffered with some difficulties to do with your mood"

That is the response one would expect from a child. It is outrageously inadequate from a doctor. A mood problem ?  Is that meant to be a diagnosis ?

 I also asked  "What, in your judgement would be the consequences of not taking the medication" ?

She replied

"I am concerned that if you do not remain involved with people who are trying to help you with your current difficulties that the situation might rapidly worsen and that you might require admission to hospital. "

That is absolutely shocking and very deliberate intimidation of someone who has never suffered a serious illness of any kind nor been in  hospital for any reason.  In fact I acted in a outdoor play in front of a large crowd in the centre of Paisley very soon after.  

She claimed I had I had a mood problem without specifying which one She said she thought I could end up in hospital if I didn't take the drugs. I have never been in hospital for anything.  That was unpleasant  intimidation of what (she claimed to believe) was a vulnerable patient. The letter wasn't just threatening and abusive, it was deceitful.

That would outrageous, low life behaviour from anyone, from a doctor it looks very much like  misconduct

The full complaint against Dr McAree is here


On discharging myself, I told Nurse Jeffries that I would no more allow myself to be treated by the IHTT than I would allow drunk chimpanzees to fix the brakes on my car. At least the chimps would have better manners. I obviously regret being so insulting,  immoderate and sincerely apologise. I said it to emphasise the point I wasn't going back.



I'm sure they don't behave like this all the time.  I wasn't prepared to submit to their agenda of prescribing unnecessary drugs, nor was I prepared to be insulted, humiliated, bullied or harassed.  The responsibility for these deeply toxic team likely lies with its managers. Nurse Hernon, Nurse Buchanan and Nurse Phillips. It's the most plausible explanation for the extreme behaviour  of the staff and the orchestrated, premeditated abuse. Considering they are a 4 hour response team.

The situation  has a distinct resemblance to other  recent NHS management catastrophes such as Stafford FurnessStrathedenAyrshire and ArranGlan Clwyd


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