*Dr McColl is a naive young man who has got himself up in this to protect his friends,  apparently a not uncommon  practice in the medical professiony. When I asked if he knew McAllister , he said he did. When I told him what Dr Pope had said  about McAllister, his face transformed into the most contemptuous sneer I have ever seen.

I was furious that he had gone behind my back and he was sitting there as he was innocent. I told him I wasn't elated and never had been with McAllister and the idiot sat there pointing at my anger as evidence of my elation which made me even angrier. You couldn't make it up.

When I got the letter from Kinniburgh, I spoke to practice senior partner Dr Slaven. I was distressed at being told I had a mental health problems, (again deliberately not specifying which one) . Something she remarked upon.  I explained my stress, showed her my (very bad) stress related psoriasis. That was the end of the nonsense.


I got more intelligent, honest engagement from Dr Slaven in five minutes than I would  from everyone else involved in a lifetime. That's not an exaggeration.