The Medical Records Saga


Infantile, cretinous and somewhat sinister attempt to deceive me into having a psychiatric assessment with the friend of a man I had just complained to the GMC about.



I was told the only way to get  information I wanted was to see my medical records. A letter arrived with an appropriate leaflet. It turned out to be for a psychiatric assessment with the friend of someone I had just made a complaint to the GMC. I got no reply from a letter enquiring about the nature of the appointment. I told a GP what had happened,  he contacted the psychiatrist (his friend). I got a full admission of what happened but also another offer of an appointment. That really gave me the creeps and made me decide to create this website.


Before we start, here is my CV and that of my closest relative, a man who retired at the exact opposite end of the medical intelligence spectrum from these lads. Here are some of his papers in Google Scholar starting in 1965. Probably only a fraction of the total because he published extensively in the Lancet. This is his career and family background. He is my cousin, 15 years older than me. We grew up in the same household from birth. His parents were my legal guardians. His first internship was at Dykebar hospital (around 1964).

One thing he said to me was  'a doctor looks after his patients, a rat looks after his fellow rats'. He publicly refused to answer letters from hospital letters asking him to cover of for miscreant colleagues. The Shipman inquiry reported..

"Although he had a very high death rate among his patients, other doctors did not raise concerns to stop his 23-year killing spree".


That's exactly what was going on here. Rats trying to protect their fellow rats, thankfully too stupid to to carry it out.

My brother had some very appropriate words for this situation 'a doctor looks after his patients, a rat looks after his fellow rats'.

He publicly refused to do it in a presentation to senior management at Toronto Sick Kids hospital in 1997. He refused to answer letters from hospital lawyers asking him to justify colleagues' aberrant behaviour. This was a result of my family making a successful complaint to the GMC about an alcoholic GP and the pathetic attempts of himself and his colleagues to lie their way out out of it.


Immediately before I went to the Charleston Centre I was interviewed by a woman for the DWP WCA. She was an extremely intelligent and articulate psychiatrist who had also trained as a psychologist (that's the difference, she was educated) .  There was a huge gulf between her and the Charleston Centre psychiatrists, young Greenlaw GPs. I was able to have an intelligent, adult conversation with her, I ended up laughing at all the young doctors because they were so cheeky, obnoxious and inarticulate.


Part 1.

I was initially treated with contempt by the head of the IHTT,  Nurse Kevin Hernon, ignoring my first letter, refusing to tell me names of witnesses that I needed for a GMC complaint or why I had a blood test. I apologised in the letter  for bypassing him due to him  being team leader (and most likely to be responsible for orchestrating the abuse). He refused to answer my calls. When I threatened to contact a director of the CHP, he responded that the only way to get the  information was to see my medical records.  I simply didn't believe that.

However, I contacted head of admin Jean Still  about seeing the records. She was consistently evasive, obstructive, abrasive and abrupt from the start, so I phoned the CHP director's secretary Anne Gallagher (by far the most intelligent, human and decent person involved).  

 She told me she had passed the request to to Jean Still.  I got a phone call from head of patient services Nurse Alex Buchanan about said medical records. He was aggressive, dismissive and offhand when I suggest interviews with vulnerable individuals should be recorded,  before  running away when I said there was a serious problem with the IHTT.  He also refused to take my calls. 


Part 2

I then received a letter from a Dr Kinniburgh asking me to go for an appointment. In the envelope was a leaflet about medical records. I immediately smelled a rat  because the letter itself didn't mention medical records, it was a standard patient appointment letter. I called his secretary twice, each time she lied  the appointment had been made my GP despite me telling her three reasons it couldn't have been him. Kinniburgh also told me the same lie through a 3rd party. GPs can't make appointments, only referrals. I hadn't seen him for 5 months.

There is a parallel with the Shipman case. Shipman was caught trying to forge the will of a woman he had murdered. Her daughter was a lawyer and the will looked like it had been created by a child. This is what educated people refer to as 'hubris'.

"When she saw it, she at once suspected it was a forgery.

"The whole thing was just unbelievable," Mrs Woodruff said, giving evidence at Shipman's trial. "The thought of mum "signing a document so badly typed leaving everything to her doctor just didn't make any sense. It was inconceivable."

How could anyone be that stupid ? Arrogance. Scourge of the medical profession.

"He tried to confuse officers by saying, 'You don't understand medical matters. You are only plods'," said Mr Postles. "He thought he had the upper hand because he had the superior intellect."

A month later, the arrogance had gone: Shipman was on his knees on the floor of a police station interview room, sobbing and begging his solicitor, Ann Ball, to tell police he was unfit to be questioned



Continued at the bottom..

In fact it was done with the collusion of my former GP Craig McColl who shouted at me because he was furious I had complained to the GMC about his pal, Mark McAllister. When asked if he made the appointment he replied 'sort of'  looking extremely sheepish.

He was particularly upset when I told him at Dr Pope had revealed Mark McAllister had exactly the same abusive behaviour issues at university. At one point I told him I hadn't been elated at the Charleston Centre. I was furious he had gone behind my back and the gormless,  twit pointed at me to indicate that I was elated. It's clear from my medical records that he doesn't even understand the meaning of the words he uses himself.

I made an appointment to see an adult, the senior partner, Dr Slaven next day who confirmed that I was not elated (but upset). The difference between talking to McColl and his brother and Dr Slaven or Dr Scott was literally (for me) the difference between talking to an adult and a child. I got more more sense from her in 5 minutes than I would have expected from the young doctors in a lifetime.


When I looked at (GPs) Dr Slaven or Dr Scott I saw an intelligent human being looking back. With McColl I saw uncomprehending stupidity and cheek staring back. Same with his brother. That's why I asked to see the psychiatrist. I never saw McColl again apart from to remonstrate with him for going behind my back. I admit that I told him I would send him a copy of the complaint against McAllister which I failed to do. I didn't want to stuff all that paper into an envelope every time I wanted to tell someone. The website idea was born at that time.

 I wrote to Kinniburgh asking for clarification. Preposterously he didn't reply even though he had made an appointment with me. He would certainly have incriminated himself if he had. The hubris and contempt for patients of these people is astonishing.

Another fundamental issue is that  his secretary spoke to me as if I was a dog, ignoring everything I said. I know this is a horrible thing to say, but it was like talking to a three year old. I've never thought of anyone being stupid until I met this lot. These are the dumbest human beings I have ever met. In fact they are the first people I have ever thought of being stupid.

 The letter itself wouldn't have fooled a child. What were they going to do when they got me to the hospital ? Did they think I wouldn't notice ?  These are the dumbest people I have ever met.  The letter simply didn't mention medical records. It was a standard appointment letter that someone had stuffed into an NHS envelope. Probably Kinniburgh who like McAllister and Nurse Hernon also supports sectarian bigot football team, Glasgow Celtic.

I confirmed that McAllister had made the appointment in a conversation with someone at Dykebar Hospital who accessed the computer records.   It was for a psychiatric assessment with his colleague, Alistair Kinniburgh, not to see medical records as was suggested by the leaflet.  I said 'do you know a horrible, creepy obnoxious little man by the name of Mark McAllister'. She laughed and said 'I certainly do'.

I spoke to a GP (Dr Craig McColl* at Greenlaw) telling him I had discovered the subterfuge. He literally jumped out of his chair.  He (must have) related the meeting to  Kinniburgh (again behind my back) who sent me another, even creepier  letter, with even more lies, again asking me to have an appointment.  He acknowledged that he hadn't  replied to  me and the appointment had been made by his colleague Mark McAllister. He claimed McAllister was  concerned about my mental health and wanted to  make an appointment. for me. If he was concerned, he would have said so back in September when last saw him and not wait until the end of November, just after I had complained to the GMC .

The unspeakable cheek and hubris is unbelievable.  Not only are they incredibly slimy they are deeply stupid. I addressed both Craig McColl and his brother Gavin as 'little guy'. I have never been insulting or demeaning to anyone in a conversation apart from these two. I didn't know they were related when I said it.


This is Kinniburgh's letter to me.

For example

1. I am sorry that you did not attend today for our first appointment.

He claims this was dictated on the 9th, but not sent until the 18th , received on 22nd. I assume that is a  lie.

2. I acknowledge that you had already written to me about certain matters and I had not yet responded.

That's because he would have incriminated himself  by having to admit the appointment was for a psychiatric assessment made by his friend, not to see medical records.

3. The reason I have sent you this appointment is that your General Practitioner referred you to Paisley Mental Health Services earlier this year as he thought you were unwell and requested specialist advice.

Another lie (or mistaken assumption). I confirmed with my GP that I asked him to speak to a psychiatrist about an unknown (but assumed medical) exhaustion problem that I had presented to a number of GPs over the years. He (GP) says the (specific) referral to the IHTT had nothing to do with him and he couldn't understand it.

I asked to speak to a psychiatrist. From my GP medical records

"will ref back to psychiatry at pt';s request, note prev involvement did not lead to any active treatment in 2008, ? why"

 The dimwit shouted at me and asked me why I didn't attend. The reason there was no report is that I had been referred to a relaxation class in the same building (Charleston Centre), not a psychiatrist.


4. You will remember subsequently attending Dr McAllister's clinic at the Charleston Centre. Dr. McAllister to some extent agreed with your GP's concerns regarding your mental health and had hoped to offer you a full assessment and possibly some treatment.

This is simply compounding the previous mendacity. I saw McAllister for the first and only time on 13th September for around 10 minutes. I refused to see him again next day because he was a nasty, insulting, low life yobbo (with a phony middle class accent). I was discharged from the IHTT on the 17th September, I discharged myself from his and Dianne Jeffrey's care shortly after.

I refused an appointment with him around the same time at the reception of the Charleston Centre. I told two nurses that I would never see him again. There is no question that message would have been relayed to him because the appointment was changed to another doctor.

If he was concerned about my health, he would have mentioned his concern about me around then, not on the 29th November when the Kinniburgh appointment letter was sent and after he had heard from the GMC to whom I had made a compliant about him. This was obviously an act of retribution or self defence at the very least. Kinninburgh was extremely foolish to get involved in this plot without knowing anything about me or the complaint against McAllister. Dr Kinniburgh  was lying like an infant  in that letter, which is pretty unpleasant  behaviour for any adult, never mind a doctor.

There was a general tactic to claim I had an unspecified mental health condition in order to draw me into treatment or to accuse me of having one to justify their behaviour . To be lured to a mental hospital under false pretences by someone with legal powers of detention, who appeared to be looking for revenge was disturbing. Especially after I had been discharged with no mention of a mental health issue.

The mind boggling arrogance, cheek and stupidity of of that letter is worthy of the great Harold Shipman himself. Noting that Kinniburgh, like Mark McAllister and  Kevin Hernon supports Celtic, I would no more have him as a psychiatrist than I would employ Neil Lennon as a child minder. The idea that I would allow myself to be treated by the supporter of a religious bigot football team is ludicrous.

 I told Nurse that I would no more allow myself to be treated by Miss McAree and Miss Pope than I'd allow drunk chimpanzees to fix the brakes on my car. Even more so here.


However, the original idea for seeing my medical records came from Nurse Hernon.

 Subjecting whistle blowers to psychiatric assessments is apparently a common tactic  in the NHS according to pediatrician whistleblower David Drew. In his book,  'Little Stories of Life and Death' he details how it was used against him.  Dr Drew is of course a man at the opposite end of the human decency scale from the perpetrators of this scam .


More about Shipman

Shipman believed his medical degree made him intellectually superior. In fact the forgery  involved multi layered,  mind boggling stupidity one wouldn't expect to encounter in a primary school. Shipman had no idea that he couldn't read and write to adult standards and that he was incredibly stupid, hugely less intelligent than his father, who was a lorry driver. The reason - his arrogance made him believe he could get away with anything. A common affliction amongst doctors. Mrs Woodruff was a solicitor, an educated adult who Shipman knew.





What was wrong with them? They were amateurish, the phraseology was poor, and the typing quality was poor. It was actually on a document, the type you can get from a post office or a newsagents. There was a request for the body to be cremated, for example, which was not how Angela Woodruff had understood that her mother wanted her remains to be disposed of. So those things taken together with the fact that a letter had turned up with it, and the fact that a letter had been sent to the firm of solicitors that had originally received the will, around about a week after Kathleen Grundy's death, all those things made us suspicious about the validity of that will.


When you went to Dr Shipman's surgery, you then discovered things that linked him to those documents? That's quite right. The will and the two letters were all typed. A search of his surgery round about the 1st August revealed that typewriter in his surgery. Obviously forensic tests were carried out which confirmed that. On the bottom of the will, forensic tests again revealed that Dr Shipman's fingerprint was on that will, and significantly, the people who purported to sign it as the witnesses, and Kathleen Grundy, none of their fingerprints were on any of those documents.








This a disturbing short BBC radio documentary by Will Self about a friend of his who was detained and very badly abused by psychiatrists. When challenged by a solicitor they withdrew their fake bipolar diagnosis and released her without any aftercare despite having been pumped full of drugs for years.

I suspect this is far from an isolated case.



There is extra material about doctors and my family here




This is evil.


Exclusive: NHS watchdog claimed that whistle blower Kay Sheldon was 'mentally ill'

After a short telephone conversation and without ever meeting Mrs Sheldon, who has a 26-year history of depression and is an expert in advocacy and patients’ rights, the doctor described her as possibly suffering from “paranoid schizophrenia”. He also “strongly recommended” that Sheldon’s medical history be obtained “in confidence” and that she should be “assessed or else removed from her position”.


I also read this around the same time.

Scots widow of ‘wrongly sectioned’ duke calls for mental health overhaul

The Duke of Hamilton, who was the Premier Peer of Scotland, was suffering from vascular dementia when he was sectioned under a short-term certificate in 2009.

His wife described how the couple were duped into visiting hospital by a psychiatrist and mental health worker who claimed they wanted to assess the Duke’s medication over a 48-hour period.

Revealing she has never been offered an explanation for the detention of her husband, who died months later aged 71, Lady Hamilton insisted no one medical practitioner should have the power to