Nurse education

Many colleges and universities in the West of Scotland offer Access to Nursing places with zero qualifications. My friend (a college departmental head who ran an access course) put me forward for a job at UWS, Paisley teaching nurses computing in a new lab around 10 years ago, but strongly advised me against it when pushed. I didn't need to be convinced.

The nursing students were (by far) the worst and worst behaved students I've ever seen (in our department). I never taught nurses, but I met them ! I did teach social care students who were horrors and very similar. The reason they were horrible was simple. They were people from disadvantaged backgrounds who had no school qualifications, couldn't do anything and felt humiliated by being put in that position.  They absolutely hated computers !

 I had total sympathy with them. I made life easy for them, but I wasn't prepared to play that game at university level. I took redundancy  because I was totally exhausted through stress. To go into a similar situation would have been ridiculous.

This woman has a degree in nursing from UWS Paisley. She randomly followed me on Twitter. I followed her back because of the above.


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